Activation of hair growth? Coconut oil vs Nanoil castor oil

While searching for ways to grow long hair and get a head full of voluminous tresses, you can easily come across info on growth-stimulating power of coconut oil. Even if there’s a grain of truth in it, then it’s much better to go for a growth oil which guarantees effects, that is second-to-none castor oil.

Many girls confirm their hair is longer, thicker and stronger after using coconut oil. Indeed, rubbing it regularly into the scalp may improve hair condition, regenerate follicles and stimulate growth. However, it’s a very slow process, giving faint effects and the thick formula is quite problematic to use.

That’s why castor oil is far more effective hair growth treatment, especially when you get cold-pressed, unrefined, organic certified Nanoil. Learn more about the product!

nanoil castor oil

About Nanoil Castor Oil

Nanoil is a line of beauty oils designed for the most sophisticated customers. You get both beautiful design (fancy vials made from dark glass securing natural oil and looking lovely) and extremely effective products. Nanoil Castor Oil is 100% organic and cold-pressed from the seeds of castor plant. It doesn’t undergo refining process, therefore it is rich in nutrients, incl. unique ricinoleic acid which has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to that, thick castor oil, which hardly has any smell and has a lovely subtle color, is so effective in hair care.

best castor hair oil

Castor oil: effect on hair and scalp

Nanoil castor oil is the one mostly recommended for scalp and hair care. Used as scalp conditioner, it strengthens follicles, improves blood flow, activates hair regrowth and strikingly adds volume. It delivers gorgeous shine, defines the color, slightly darkening its shade. Even skin on the head will benefit from castor oil treatment. It regulates work of sebum glands, purifies, has antibacterial effect. As a result, it does away with dandruff, scalp oiliness, psoriasis and similar problems.

Castor oil to treat acne skin

Anti-acne treatment is yet another use of Nanoil castor oil. Thanks to purifying properties, it eliminates acne-triggering bacteria, heals inflammation, soothes irritations and reduces visibility of pimples. Use Nanoil castor oil for face cleansing as well (popular OCM) to spot the difference in skin’s state after a few days.

If you are interested in other uses of Nanoil castor oil, take a look at and learn more.

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